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Charcuterie Board Building & Craft Beer Pairing

Create your own Charcuterie board while comparing/contrasting flavors with a craft beer pairing!

Class will include instruction from Chef Edwin, with Brewster & Co., on how to build an elevated charcuterie board as well as, how to create pairings and maximize flavor combinations. In addition, Advanced Cicerone®, Rachael Hudson, will guide you through a craft beer pairing, to accompany the board.

Not only does this class include instructions on how to create a masterpiece, you can enjoy your creation right after the class, or take it home!

Price: $90 (includes 2 people!) Beer: 2 Flights of Beer: Four 4oz beers/person.

Board details: A bamboo plate & to-go box. Boxcar Cheeses: 4-5 cheeses. San Giuseppe Salami Meats. Accompaniments Guaranteed: A packed full, elevated Charcuterie Board, and great time!

Tickets can be purchased in the tasting room or at

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